yeelight bulb color 2 Fail Lost Wifi & Reset

I have been with this device for 1 year, using sale router during all this time.

the problems started a few months ago, they started with the device losing the connection and having to reset it (turn it off and on)

I have the same number of connected devices which are:

Google Home
Desktop PC
XBoX one
2 Mobil (apple)

For a few months (approximately 8) there was no problem, nor has the router received any software/firmware updates

It started giving reset problems, asking to reconfigure and this was working even minutes before it had been interacting with the lights.

I changed places believing it could be some kind of cut

the problem persists even no device fails only the Yeelight

the problem persists even no device fails only the Yeelight, nor has the router had any power failure or reset

this started some updates ago

problems and errors remain, and there is no technical support or help available.

Google Photos

I add a gif of what the device does when it starts to fail and without power outage