Yeelight Color Light Bulb 1S Turning Red

I recently bought some yeelight bulbs but after a while they started sticking to red when i changed it to colours close to red. If i asked it to change to warm white then it would come out as red. it would have other effects on the colours as well but that is the main one.

If i turn the light off at the switch then turn it back on again then the bulb starts working correctly but after about half a day it then starts turning red again.

Is there anything that can be done to fix this issue?

Having the same issue since months ago, only work around now is to just physically switch it off from the power source, then on it back after few minutes… definitely hope if there’s a fix for it!

Same issue here. Any fix yet? Its been months! It has happened to 6 of my Yeelight Colour 1S and it’s driving me crazy.