schedule not workingb

Hi, i need your help. Recently my yeelight bulb ii color is not working properly. I have always set my yeelight to turn ON in certain time and to turn OFF in certain time, but recently it’s just not working. I’ve tried the off timer too and it’s also not working.

Please help me and thanks for your time

Asia and Oceania(Singapore) Server location

MI ID 1837302593

any help Please ?

support team where are you ???

13 days


Hello, what’s the model of your lamp. You can view it in Device Info feature of Yeelight app. And I also need to know how did you set your schedule? Please make a screenshot.

( Server location is : (Asia and Oceania(Singapore


what’s the model of your lamp? You can view it in Device Info feature of Yeelight app. And Can you click in and show me the details?

this is device info

and app virson is : Version: 3.2.45

what is problem?
my friend any solve?

I also need schedule details. Please provide the screenshot.

schedule details

Hi, I have a question, I saw your bulb is turn on at 05:00, turn off at 04:50 in Schedule list page. But in Schedule details page, the bulb turn on at 18:50, turn off at 00:00.

i turn ON the light manuly

I tried a lot by set the schedule but its not response

befor a year, its work normaly

Have you tried creating a new one?


We have a test on Yeelight app 3.2.45. Firmware version 2.0.6-0065. It worked well. So what the firmware version of your bulb?

Please help me have a test. Turn on after 2 minutes, then turn off after 5 minutes. See if it works.

In addition: What"s the time zone of your location?

Current Version: 2.0.6_0065
time zone +3

now i turn it on

and wating 5 min to turn off