Father’s Day Sale from Aqara: Homekit-compatible devices on Amazon with a 30% discount

Quite recently, Aqara presents its massive Father’s Day sale on Amazon .
They provide a solid 30% discount using the promo code AQARARED on the following products:

  • Motion sensor
  • Water Leak sensor
  • Door and Window sensor
  • Temperature and Humidity sensor
  • Vibration sensor,
  • Cube
  • Wireless Mini Switch
  • Smart Plug

All the devices except for the Cube are Homekit compatible (although for Cube there is a workaround: https://homekitnews.com/2019/03/09/using-the-aqara-cube-with-homekit/)
At the same time, Aqara US Hub gets a coupon discount of 10 dollars.

P.S. Make sure you buy from the vendor “Aqara Direct”, otherwise the discounts cannot be applied.