Google Home issue Can't save configuration

Since today some of my Yeelight (color 2) bulbs started acting up, I reset them and added them again in the yeelight app but then when controlling it from google home they only turned blue.

So i read on this forum that you’d have to resync your account in the google home settings. After I did that it said that it couldn’t save the configuration and I needed to check the connection.

for the record, i am on the europe servers (closest to me) with a 700mbit up and down connection to the internet. which is a good strong and fast connection. Yet this issue persists.

I have scoured the internet for solutions regarding this issue.

I have tried to make new accounts, both google AND yeelight (mi account) and the message stays.
I have tried to delete the linked account in google and then in the yeelight and reversed but the issue persists.
I have downloaded and setup the Xiaomi Home app, it only shows my Yeelight RGB color 2 bulbs but not my Yeelight Filaments so its useless for me in this situation.

I think the problem is with Yeelight.

Please resolve this issue since I now cannot use them with my smart home solution.

I have the exact same issue.