Inconsistent colors

Hi guys,

I am totally unhappy about the inconsistency of colors between the sets of 6 bulbs bought in past and another set of 4 bulbs I’ve bought recently. The worst color difference is visible when set to the warmest white and 1% brightness. The difference is eye-stabbing. I use this setting (warmest 1%) a lot and cannot go further with the difference. All the 10 bulbs are Yeelight Color Bulb 2nd gen and the difference is present even when all the bulbs are updated to the latest firmware version. My MI ID is 1910184781. I really want all the bulbs I have to have the same colors.

Check out the photo the: the right bulb is yellow while the left one is red. Both 1% warmest white :///.



I have similar problem. Did you find the solution?

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Not really. I have not received any answer, as expected. I like the product, but the support is teribble. They don’t give a shit.