Yeelight 1S color - dim color error


I have a problem with my Yeelight 1S bulb. I’ve got 3 of them and all working wrong. When set to 75% and More everything is ok. When dim Light to 75% and down bulb is changing color, flashing and goes down. Example:

  1. White color - 100%: everything good, 75%: everything good, 50% to 75%: changing color to flashing dimmed green, under 50%: goes down. Bulb is not working under 50% Light intesity

  2. Purple - 100%: ok, 75%: ok, 50-75%: changing to dimmed flashing red, 50-0%: not working

This is how it looks like (Video):!Am0LWS-LMd1KhctEz3zBRhvmmo2ZNA?e=31R4Xo

Tested with 3 other new bulb, few lamps and homekit, mi home, yeelight app. Router is huawei b528, Factor setting, only 2.4ghz wifi enable.

When reset it working Great for few hour (Couple times on and off) and then as above

Please, give me solution of the problem or update to fixed firmware Version. Or downgrade to earlier firmware.

Mi id: 1800377821

Thenk You,
Greeting, Mat Lesn