Yeelight Light Strip does not change color via Google Home

I had added Yeelight Light Strip in Mi Home app and from Mi Home, linked it to Google Home app.

I am able to switch on and off light strip via Google Home but not able to change the light strip color (It says ‘Actually the Yeelight light strip doesn’t support the functionality’).

I read somewhere if Yeelight light strip is added to Google Home via Mi Home app instead of Yeelight app, color change will not be supported. But even if I add the light strip via Yeelight app, it will automatically appear in Mi Home app.

Please advise.

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To google HOME! Doesn’t matter how you add it to the app. Link the Mihome skill to google home.

I think you missed my description. Mi Home is linked to Google Home.

But using Google Home, not able to change Yeelight light strip color. I can only switch on/off light strip through google home but not change color.

Then try using Yeelight skill for strip. It doesn’t matter how you ADD them. Once you add to any app (yeelight or mihome) they’re on server and both apps see them. But there are mihome and yeelight skills, which can be added to Google home.

I hope I am not sounding rude, but are you using Google Home? I appreciate the help you are trying to render, but it seems that you have not read what I had typed.

First, I had mentioned that I had tried to add via Yeelight in Google Home. Light strip was added but not able to change color.

Second, I tried to add using Mi Home. Light strip was added but not able to change color.

Third, I notice that within Yeelight app, after I added light strip, the same light strip appears in Mi Home as well.

Re third: This is normal behaviour because strip is added to the server which both Yeelight and MiHome use.

And has NOTHING to do with Google Home. Yes I use it. And on lightstrip (plus model) I have option to change color (didn’t try it with voice though)

I have no issue changing color on Yeelight app or Mi Home app. Both apps allow me to change color.

But I am not able to change lightstrip color via voice command. This was previously working fine and it stopped working suddenly.

My guess is it has nothing to do with google home and that is the exact reason why I am seeking help here and not on Google forum.

Let me simplify it for you:

  1. No issue changing lightstrip color on Yeelight app or Mi Home app
  2. Issue is for voice command to change light strip color via voice command on Google Home
  3. For point 2, I had attempted to add light strip in Google Home using both Yeelight and Mi Home apps (you used the term skill, which I believe is Alexa, but whatever rocks your boat).
  4. Both methods in point 3 allow me to switch on/off light strip using voice command, but not change color

I have to try it with voice… when I get home. I can see color option in Google Home app for strip, though.

Exactly same problem for me since yesterday. Tried everything but nothing helped.
Also Mijia Desk Lamp added via “Mi Home skill” is shown in Google home but not responding to any command (nor voice or Google home app itself). Very disappointing…

just tried and it works for me… “hey google set led strip to red”

With Yeelight or Mi Home account added to Google Home? With Yeelight account it works for me too, with Mi Home account it doesn’t switch colors. Till last week it worked for me too… (having linked all my bulbs to european server).
Using Mi Home account my Mijia Desk Lamp isn’t responding and in Yeelight account it’s not even listed anymore (thanks to some stupid policy or whatever). When i bought my 18 different Yeelight devices 3 years ago everything worked beautifully, since then it becomes more and more hell with firmware update that crash working dimming of light or colors that aren’t close to their color and so on. Now not responding devices and the need of different accounts for different devices are peak of that mountain. When i recommended Yeelight 3 years ago, i simply cannot nowadays!!!

Desk Lamp works now after removing and re-adding it for the third time. This time instead Yeelight app using Mi Home app. Switching of colors of stripe still not working, no matter which app i use for adding the stripe to Google Home. To me it seems Xiaomi/Google crushed something on Mi Home commands for stripe!?

Thanks alexinc, seems like I am not alone.

The change color support seems broken recently as there was no issue previously.

Quite disappointing with the lack of support as well.

For sure! What started as a really promising product like 4 years ago is becoming a big disappointment recently (dimming, wrong colors, blocking policies, almost no support or information at all)…

Linking the strip to G Home with the Yeelight skill actually solved it for me, but as you can’t sync Mija devices with it anymore I have to use the Mi Home skill too and deal with duplicates of devices in G Home

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could you describe this solution in more detail

could you solve this problem? I couldn´t

I can confirm this problem and so far no solution. One day I could change the colors via Google home. Suddenly they quit the functionality. And if I have yeelight account linked to Google home its even worse since I’ll have duplicate devices because I also need to have mi home connected to Google home so yeah no solution and I’m just forgetting about it…along with the no pure white color and no cyan colour.

Same problem and 1 year later it’s the same… What Yeelight do??? I have the same problem with my bulb doest have 100% brightness when I choose color… It’s Working perfectly before… No more Yeelight for me

Is there any news on this?
I’ve exactly the same problem.
When I connect the Yeelight app to Google Home, the colour change works. When I connect the Mi Home app to Google Home, the colour change doesn’t work.

I had to unlink the Xiaomi home app from Google home and Google Voice assistant went back to Normal with only linking into the YI light app