Sharing device crashes the iOS app

Hello everyone,

I have a problem with sharing devices with my wife. When I try sharing any of the bulbs in Yeelight, I enter her email or Yeelight/Xiaomi account ID, it finds her account, and then as soon as I click on her name, it just crashes the app.

Is there any other way for me to share scenes and bulbs with my wife?

I’m using Yeelight v3.3.19 app and iOS 13.5 (iPhone 11) on Europe/Frankfurt server.
Also, all devices are on their newest firmwares (the app doesn’t show any available updates).

Also, is there any information when will the new Yeelight Color Bulb 1S be available on European server. I accidentally bought 3 of them and can’t use them with Mi Home app for automation :frowning:


Same here. I am unable to share my devices, app is crashing right when account found/selected.

Crash for sharing is a known issue, and will be fixed in next version this month.
Sorry and thanks for your feedback.

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Nice, thanks for sharing the info!

And do you have any info on the Color Bulb 1S for European market?

Thak you very much for the fast reply, waiting for the fix with next update than.
Cheers, and have a nice one, B