Mi Home and Yeelight App at the same time

When I add the Yeelight bulb or any device to that matter to the yeelight app the devices disappear from Mi Home. Cant they be registered in both apps? I use Mi Home a lot more than the Yeelight App but I need Yeelight to connect the devices to Apple Home (because the icon doesn’t appear on the Mi Home App on my iPad).

You need to be on the same server, of course it works… just add bulb to Yeelight and it will be visible in Mihome.

How Can I change the server on the Mi Home App?
Btw I’ve heard that I can only add Yeelight Bulbs to Alexa if I have the Singapore or USA server is that true?

You chose it while logging on the app. I don’t use Alexa but I believe it doesn’t work on Chinese server… but Google Home does :slight_smile:

Hi, is there any chance to direct message to you ? I have a question about yeelight.