Mi Smart LED Bulb Essential will not connect

I have the following issue:
I have purchased a Mi Smart LED Bulb Essential bulb, and I want to connect it to the yeelight application. After resetting the bulb (5 Shutdowns) I can see the WIFI access point, and MiHome application recognizes the bulb and can set it up.
But the yeelight application can not at any point connect to it (even right after resetting the bulb), and there is no synchronization between the apps.

What am I missing here?

What’s the model of your bulb. May be Yeelgiht app doesn’t support it.


The model starts with “YL” or “MJ”.

Ok. How do I get the model number?

Or you can give me another type. When you connect the bulb to wifi, the ap name of the bulb can be displayed on the router. Tell me this ap name. Looks like “yeelink-light-***”. Or you can reset your bulb. And view it in your phone wifi list.

The name of the device from the router is yeelink-light-color5_miap78B2

Color5 does not supported in Yeelight app. As you know. It a brand of MiJia.

Ho. Ok, did not know that. Then how do I know what is supported?

Yeelight app only support brand of Yeelight in future. Brand of Mijia products will no longer be supported in Yeelight app. It will case some problems. However, the old Mijia products will not be deleted.

Then, is there a way to create scenes, and change to them with Google assistant?

I Am very disappointed. I bought this lamp and after searching why I couldn’t connect I found this thread. I don’t understand why the yeelight can’t handle these. I will be forced to use two different apps, which is annoying and not practical. Also yeelight app is much better than mine home.

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yes i have the same problem. Help .

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