Incorrect HomeKit Code - Yeelight ceiling

Hello, I bought a Yeelight YLXD42YL 480mm on gearbest ( link : ) but when i try to pair the light with homekit I have an error saying that the code is incorrect:

My order number on Gearbest is : 20050900963214517917
My personal localtion : FRANCE
MAC adress of the light : 40:31:3c:53:e1:bc
Firmware of the light : 2.0.6_0019
Connected on european server with the yeelight app on ios 13.5

Could you help me to solve this issue ?

Thanks in advance




Please try connecting to ceiling light with code 11122333, see if it works

Hello, this code is not working

Is there any different error showing when connecting failed?If not, you need to contact customer service for replacement, so sorry…

Hi, the same error since the beginning : “The configuration code is incorrect”

Can you tell me how to contact the customer service please ?


Where did you buy the device?
Please contact your seller for replacement.

bought at gearbest and i’m in touch with them