Yeelight Toolbox


No, nothing changed from firmware.


Can we also get a macOS version please?


I’ve done more testing with the latest version. For me it works in all PCs and windows versions, For my friends, it works in some PCs and it doesn’t in others.
I need more feedback, so please, everyone who uses it tell me if it works for you or if it doesn’t.
I’d suggest to update the Net framework
and if none of that works, install this and try again. it might help


Hola! Quería comentarte que contaba con la última versión de Net framework. E instalé SlimDx, sin embargo no funcionó. Continua sin mostrarme las yeelight dentro del programa. Como comentario descargué la aplicación de prueba de Yeelight para Windows y si fueron detectadas. Espero que pronto funcione, tengo muchas ganas de probarlo. Gracias y saludos.


This program works really well for me, thank you.


For the ones who don’t find any bulbs:

  • check if your PC is in the same network
  • it has to be a 2,4 GHz network, 5 GHz won’t work

That’s my idea, what could be the problem.


If it wasn’t 2.4 Ghz, bulbs themselves wouldn’t be able to connect… so that is not the problem with the app.


The problem has nothing to do with the network, I already knew that. For now it seems pretty random, that’s why I need more feedback. I’ll take a look at it tomorrow, I only have weekends to work on this.
Thank you all for your patience and feedback


What kind of setup would work with this? And could you make a video to show it off?


I know. But some routers provide 2,4 and 5 GHz networks parallel. Even with the same name (SSID).

If the bulbs are connected to the 2,4 GHz network and the PC to the 5 GHz network, the app cannot find the bulbs.

That is what i wanted to say in my post.


I do confirm his saying, i experienced the exact same issue.
My bulbs are connected to the 2.4Ghz network because they cant connect to my 5Ghz network.
So when using your app on my 5Ghz connected computers, I cant control the bulbs either.



I have just tried again. No luck, you tool didn’t even run. Win10 x64.


Same here…


It’s launching, i can see my lamp (ip address) but all controls are grey and when i’m trying to click them, app become unresponsive (win10 64)



Just released a new version that is supposed to fix app launching problems. Please give me your feedback.
Also, you now are required to install SlimDX (used for movie/game mode) separately insted of being packed inside the app. That way the app won’t trigger antivirus software anymore and the file size has been reduced dramatically.

Download SlimDX End User Runtime here
Download Yeelight Toolbox 1.1.4 here


Starts, but still on “refresh” does nothing. And Symantec thinks it’s a virus.


Gracias por la actualziación, lo probaré apenas salga del trabajo y regreso para dar el feedback de mi experiencia. Saludos.


Please, also tell how many bulbs you have when trying the app. I only have one so I can’t fully test the device discovery. Thanks


I have 2 mono, 2 color and led stripe.