Does the Yeelight app do region locking?

My question is if I buy a Chinese version of a bulb or anything else, will it be possible to connect it to the Yeelight app set to EU server?

Yeelight doesn’t have region lock, Xiaomi does. So from Yeelight app it will work, but not from MiHome.

But I have just sent an email to Yeelight and they said this:

We do not recommend that you do this. If the Chinese version of the bulb is connected to a European server, it may cause a lot of connection problems and affect your normal use.

In addition, new firmware will be launched later, causing overseas servers to not support the Chinese version.

We have EU version bulb , you can buy it.

Well I guess I have to find the bulb somewhere…
Yeelight really does not know how to run a company.