Broken device Yeelight YLXD50YL driver

I got a Yeelight YLXD50YL. After just 4 weeks of usage, it started blinking suddenly. I followed a recommendation in the support forums, in case it was a firmware failure, and I kept it off for 8-10 hours to try to fix it. When I switched it back on, it seemed to be working fine, but I noticed it was making a very strange noise, and when I removed the cover, I saw that smoke was coming out and it smells of burning. I contact Banggood and they only answer me with nonsense and evasiveness, without providing any solution (incredible! remember don’t buy at this store!).

The smoke comes out from the piece in the middle of the ceiling light: Yeelight LED Driver YLPW35YL. Any chance to get this driver repared? There is any official tecnical service? Maybe spare parts available?

Please help. I’m very disappointed, my lamp is just a month old and already broken. Thank you very much in advance!


This light is really a piece of s**t… I am totally disappointed…

I also bought on Banggood, I am contacting the after-sale but I am afraid I am going to talk to a wall…