Mi bedsite lamp 2 - randomly turning on and off.

For some time now my Mi bedsite lamp 2 is randomly turning on. It’s hard to say since when. I noticed that it happen about 11:45 UTC+1 and also, but rarely (totally randomly) is turning off. I’ve checked all my smart apps (yeelight app, google home, xiaomi home, IFTTT) and it seems good.
I’m new on this forum and I checked similar posts. I see that it’s necessary to give MI ID, but I have to put it here or into private message to Yeelight stuff?

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Hi. I have the same issue. Have you resolved it?



Unfortunatelly not. I have still this issue, but now I use smart plugs. My lamp is turning on always at 11:45 (UTC +1). So I’ve set up my sockets in that way to finagle this - on evening socket turns on; and before go to bed I turn off manually.

I have a similar issue but not the same. The lamp turns on and off radomly. Some time it`s turn off 2 sec after turning it on by the Xiaomi or the Home app. Also manually.
Due to this I think I have a different problen vs yours. But no F** idea how to solve it.

My Yeelight ceiling light having this issue too ! Randomly turn on by itself. It seem like many have encounter such issue. Yeelight staff seem does not want to respond to this issue !