Color mode stopped working

Color mode stopped working in Google home and Apple homekit.
Before you could say: “hey Google chance the warm white” and the bulb would go into white mode with bright light. Now, when you say the same thing it will go into color mode and turn. Wry orange and dark.

Yeelight color bulb 2
Latest firmware.
Strong wifi.

Is there happen to after firmware upgrade?

Thanks for your answer. No it did not :frowning: Not update for a long time. It suddenly started doing this.

OK, please show me your Xiaomi ID, let me go check on that.


I am having the same issue recently. Any “white” colours set by Google Home (Eg. Cool white / warm white / incandescent) makes the bulb into coloured mode and very dim. Was working until a few days ago. Any fix in the works? Thanks

My Yeelight bulb 2, this is a problem, the white colors just go out, and the other colors are totally unconfigured, the pink is red, the green is blue, and the yellow doesn’t even work because it is closer to the white light.
MI ID: 1852963058
Server: North America (Oregon)

Hi Yusure, can you help to whitelist my Xiaomi ID too? My Yeelight Color Bulb v2 is now on 1.4.2_0076 firmware. Thus, I can’t control with HomeKit. My Xiaomi ID is 1865687532, Singapore server. Many thanks!

Sorry, whitelist feature is not available now.

I’m not asking to whitelist the feature. It’s already out there on v2 firmware. But, the problem is I can’t get that version update. It shows “Up to Date” on v1.4.2_0076. I think it’s the same case like this one. Please take a look. Thanks! @yusure