Mi Bedside Lamp 2 - timeout connecting to WiFi


I have not been able to pair my new Mi Bedside Lamp 2 with wifi.
I’ve tried both Yeelight & Xiaomi Home apps.
I can select the lamp in any of the apps, but after trying to register device, I get three messages

  • device connected (ok),
  • sending message (ok),
  • Connecting device to network Channel 2 (timeout)
    It always fails on last step, I tried connecting to both my home router & 4G hotspot, also tried different regions (Europe & mainland China).
    The model on the bottom sticker is: MJCTD02YL

Please advise.

Hi, Connection timeout issue, Please check your mi id is bigger than 4294967295 (32bit). If yes, please click on the link above. Follow the method in the link.