Cannot connect Yeelight to wifi

Got a new yeelight color bulb.
Downloaded both mi home and yeelight apps.
Tried many many time to add device with both apps.
When either app told me to connect “yeelink-light” on my WiFi list, there’s no “yeelink-light” on the list!
I’m so fed up. Anyone could help?

I don’t know what is yeelink-light, simply you just connect to your wifi. It searches, finds bulb, prompts you for your wifi SSID and password and thats it.

You could explain a bit in detail where exactly you are stuck, nobody has crystal ball…

Hi, I’m having the same issue

I’m using an iPhone

First, the Yeelight app asks me to reboot the light bulb, than asks my wifi password, the problem arrives when it asks me to select the bulb’s wifi “yeelink-light…”. I have to select it at my iPhone’s configuration screen, then, when i come back to the Yeelight app, the iPhone doesn’t recognize the bulb’s wifi anylonger and the configuration stops at 25%.

Maybe it’s different on iPhone, I never had to select any bulb’s wifi…

Hi pedrooo, thanks for replying, my issue is somewhat different, you have found “yeelink-light xxx” on your WiFi list to connect but stuck at the connection process; I never have that “yeelink-light xxx” on my WiFi list…

However, I managed to have the bulb connected to the yeelight app finally but still couldn’t add it to the mi home app.

We all know the bulb only works on 2.4GHz WiFi but not 5GHz. Choosing a 2.4GHz network on iPhone to connect is not enough. I had to log into my router’s setup and turn off 5GHz. After logging back in the yeelight app, my bulb somehow “magically” appeared, asking if I wish to connect. So without the “yeelink-light xxx” ever found on WiFi list on the iPhone, I finally have it connected after few hours of hassle.

It’s quite easy to get it connected to Apple home kit though. Just use a 2.4GHz connection, scan the QR code comes with your bulb then you are good. You don’t even have to turn off 5GHz network. Btw I have turned 5GHz back on after the bulb was added to the yeelight app.

Let’s see if my bulb stays stably connected.
Good luck adding the bulb to mi home/ yeelight apps!

Thank you for the input.

Both mi home and yeelight iOS apps ask you to connect to “yeelink-light xxx” before the bulb is actually added to your WiFi network. I’m trying include a screen shot for your info.