Ceiling light loosing wifi

Good day!
I have 4 Yeelight Ceiling light devices ( 450 mm and 480 mm) at home and I have an issue that they constantly loosing connection with WiFi, mostly in the middle of the night (but some times during daytime also). In such state they are reflected as offline in wi-fi router page, in Yeelight app in Mi Home App.
What worries me most that after going offline they does not reconnect to wifi, but remains in this state till restart (power-off / power-on). After restart immediately reconnect to the network.
All devices have latest firmware (2.0.2_48) updated from Yeelight application. Wifi was tested with 3 different routers (asus rc87u, keenetic ultra, keenetic speedster) with the same result.
Wifi router is located on a distance from 2 to 10 meters from Yeelight Ceiling light devices but distance have no correlation with the connection. It looks like Yeelight device goes to sleep /standby and switch off wifi module.
All devices are in LAN mode.
Can you please help me resolve the issue. I can provide statistics, logs or any information required to test what is going on.
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Can you please provide the model numbers of your devices (the ones that most likely start with YLXD)? Are they newer homekit-supporting devices?

I’m not using homekit so cannot comment on this point. I use Home Assistant to manage all my automations.

Model numbers of my lights:
450 - YLXD16YL
450 - YLXD16YL
480 - YLXD17YL
480 - YLXD05YL
650 - YLXD02YL

I found very strange pattern of wifi connection drop-off. It seems that it is not a bug, but it was included in firmware for some reasons. Wifi drop is performed almost every hour, but in most cases it restores automatically. I noticed problems when such reconnections failed.

See some details in my other post:

I’ve got the same issue with my ceiling lights disconnecting every hour (very regularly every hour too). Mine always restores automatically and never fails. But the annoying thing is that the light blinks (goes off for less than a second, then back on again) every time it disconnects and reconnects to the wifi. Did you ever find a soluton to the problem?

I’ve got:
4x YLXD01YL - 2.0.6_0193 (the latest available)
1x YLXD76YL - 2.0.6_00100 (the latest available)

I’ve got the same issue with my lamp C2001C550 model yeelink.light.ceil26
Firmware update