Does yeelight music mode sync with Alexa as a music source?

Hi Yeelight
I’m new to the brand but the YouTube videos I’ve watched have recommend your 2020 bulb. unfortunately the reviewer doesn’t address music mode at all and so I have this question. Does the latest yeelight 2020 model in music mode sync with Amazon Alexa if the music I am listening to is coming from a verbal request to play Amazon music which is via Sonos WiFi speakers? So before I buy the bulbs, I just want to know please that I can enjoy the music and several Yeelights can operate simultaneously in this manner - and it will work simply? Thanks.

Music mode uses your phone’s mic to listen in so you will be fine

Thanks for fast reply! Understand about music mode now. I need the B22 bayonet style globes. Does Yeelight make these type and if yes where could I purchase please? In Australia

I’m afraid no