Stuck in Factory Mode

I purchased two Yeelight bulbs and they worked fine. A month later I ordered three more and when switching each on they do the color lights, turn off and then back on white. When I then try to scan I do not see them at all. Note that I do see all three lights wifi network “yeelink-light-color8…”. I found the information about the Factory mode so I got the Fix application and created the miio_default hotspot (tried both 2ghz and 5ghz) but I don’t think lights are connecting. I then open the Fix app and I see 6 devices, one is my router (.1) and then other addresses which I assume are the lights. I the hit ‘Manually Fix’ and nothing happens. Am I supposed to see something? Should I have my wifi on whilst my hotspot is on? On my phone that can be both active. Is there a way to complete reset them back to full Factory mode? Thanks