Yeelight Dimmer Not Discovering

Hello, my Yeelight Dimmer just arrived but i cannot pair it with either Yeelight app or Mi Hime. I cant really do anything with that thing. My initial goal was to control the RGBW Led Bulb.

What is going on with that product? I cont find any information online.

If you are talking about the dimmer with the dial/knob, it won’t work with bulbs. It can only control ceiling lights and the non-RGB light strip. It works by pairing with the light it controls. It doesn’t connect to the App at all. Yours didn’t come with a manual?

You can’t find anything online?

Yes. It was in Chinese.

That’s nothing. There is not even an official product page.

Also: image

Let me repeat that these do NOT work with any bulbs. They are intended for ceiling lights. There’s a specific compatibility list. You pair it by holding the reset button within 30 seconds after a lamp is powered on.

What I’m telling you is according to the compatibility list. It’s common knowledge. I just don’t wanna bother with finding it in English