xaiomi yeelight bedside lamp 2

Hello everyone, so i just bought xiaomi yeelight bedside lamp 2 .
and i watch a youtube say that there was a gesture firture.

it say : double tap on top of the lamp for on or off.

when i try it on my product. it didnt happen.

can anyone explain to me?
thank you

this is the link of the youtube:

you can watch the gesture on 4.10

what should i do if my yeelight D2 cant perform gesture mode?

xiaomi bedside lamp 2 is not support gesture feature. Yeelight bedside lamp D2(The short one) support it.

hello mr guofeng, yes i have yeelight bedside lamp D2


if my product cant do double tap to turn off and on, what should i do?

Open Yeelight app > Open Lamp control page > Setting(top-right corner) > Gesture On/Off lamp

Turn it on. Double tap will works well.

OK thank you so much sir. problem solved