Yeelight problem with city power outage

Hello. Im very happy with my yeelights bulb leds but since coronavirus pandemic I had to leave my city to take shelter at family place. Everyday I turn on and off some of the lights of my house to prevent people stole into my home. But a week ago my city had a power outage and of course the lights was down, also internet, etc. Problem is when the electricity came back the lights tried to connect to internet but the router takes some minutes in starting so the leds didnt find the wifi running… Since there all the lights in my house are ON 24/7 (I know since I have cameras and they are running ok)
Im totally out of control since the devices appears as disconnected in the app.

Is there a way to get the leds auto try to reconnect to wifi every 1 hour or 12 hour or anything so I can solve this problem in the future?


There is a Default State feature in Yeelight app. You can try it first.

Hello. Thanks, but what you mean exactly?

Open Yeelight app > lamp control page > Default State > Auto on upon pwoer resumption.

That option is already ON. When the city power is down, and then came back, the lamp is ON but I cant control it via internet because the lamp tried to connect to wifi and it cannot because the router is starting at take some minutes to start the wifi. So lamp stays as offline. That is my problem and the problem of anyone with this lamp…

Any idea?

You need to turn the option off. In addition: Will take effect after more than ten seconds.

When your light bulb is powered off and then powered on again, the light bulb will continue to connect to wifi. If the bulb cannot be reconnected, this is a bug. What is the model of your light bulb? Firmware version? Server? Router model?