Doesn’t work with HomeKit

The lights are always No Response in HomeKit app but response to the Yeelight app only. What’s the problem? I submitted multiple feedback requests and this problem is still not addressed.

Also FYI my Mi ID is 6242874272

Some one plz respond. Not the first time happening

Same thing happens to me… I’ve scoured the internet. I think it’s something to do with router settings since my 1S bulbs almost always seem to work fine…

Is there any fix for this? HomeKit is not new technology and other brand products works flawlessly with it. I bought a new 1S color bulb just because it’s supposed to work with HomeKit but it doesn’t. It was a terrible experience trying to add the bulb to the Home app, and once it could be done, it goes to “no response” immediately. It can only be used with the Yeelight app. I feel scammed, because the main reason people buy a HomeKit product, is to use it with HomeKit, am I wrong?

My 1S bulb is on 2.0.6_0027 firmware, and the app says that’s the latest version, I’m on Asia and Oceania (Singapore) server. My ID is 1637158727.

so far anyone follow up?