Hi, I recently bought yeelight lightstrip plus. At first, I was able to add device using Yeelight app and control all the colors, and at the same time managed to add Google Home as well.
After some time, the yeelight timed out and I haven’t been able to connect to yeelight ever since.
Tried factory reset over 50 times, and I didn’t see a yellow light at the end, which was supposed to mean reset is successful. I used Singapore server and tried to change to China server. Nil joy.

All of the above happened within a few hours.

I am using 2.4GHz on my network and I can see yeelink-light-strip2_miapd19e network name on my wifi network. I cannot see any devices to add on the page where it says Select device to add. Tried everything, nil joy. Help!!

My MI ID: 1687235083