Stripe v2 - Closes socket in music mode when going "Black"


I am currently trying to integrate Yeelights into the Ambient Lighting system Hyperion.
I am testing with a Yeelight 1S (fw_ver: 27,model: color4) and a Stripe v2 (fw_ver: 73, model: stripe).

For an Ambient Lighting system it is key that lights go off in dark scenes, as well as quickly react on subsequent changes either on or off.

To solve this, I am running the lights in music mode with set_scene commands.
Unfortunately, the stripe behaves differently to the 1S Bulp.
It is in a way not usable in scenarios with frequent updates involving black/zero brightness currently.

In case, the stripe receives a zero brightness command, it closes the music mode listing socket.
To process the next colour update it is required that the sending/control device reestablishes the listing socket again which is a time consuming task in a “real-time” update environment.
In such an environment, with lots of zero brightness updates this behaviour is not working from a user experience perspective, as the strip is not catching up with all those requests reestablishing the listing socket again.

In contrast, the 1S Bulb keeps the socket open and does not fail in such a scenario.
This would be also the expected behaviour that the control device opens and closes the music mode socket regardless of an colour/non-colour command.
I would very much appreciate, if the stripe FW would support the outline scenario better, as well as the Yeelight devices behave consistently across models.

In case of question or clarification required, please do not hesitate coming back to me.
I am also willing to support getting the Yeelights to the next level, by testing an interim firmware, if provided.

Many thanks in advance and kind regards,

Hi, Lord-Grey,

The lan connection was to be disconnected on power-off per design due to internal logic limitation. But this has been dropped by accident in some firmware versions. We will review the overall design and see what can be done, but no promised roadmap can be given for now… Will come back when there are progress.

Fei Liu

Hi @liufei

Thank you for your feedback.
Looking forward hearing from you soon on an updated design and firmware.
Happy to test the update in advance,

Kind regards,