Yeelight Ceiling light keeps going offline

OK, I am a happy (most of the time) owner of the Yeelight Ceiling light, but I am having troubles with keeping it connected.

Everytime after a few days it goes offline and it is non-accessible via Yeeligh or Xiaomi mobile app. However, it is still perfectly accessible via original yeelight remote control device.

Apart from the Ceiling light I have a Yeelight Lightstrip, which is on the very same wifi network and it works perfectly. It is always online without any troubles. Ceiling on the other hand disconnects every time after couple of days and the mobile app won’t recognize it without reseting.

Now the problem is, the Ceiling light in my apartment is “always on” - meaning I disconnected the light switch (it is always on) so I wouldn’t turn it off accidentaly (I used to do it very often by acccident). So, if it goes offline, it is quite tricky for me to perform the reset.

I have the newest firmware, and I also can see the ceiling light in both “Connected devices list” and “DHCP reserved list” on my router’s settings page. I really don’t know what the problem is.

Any help?
Thank you.

How many devices do you have on your router? Is the signal strong enough?

Not many at all. Two laptops, two phones, two yeelight devices. The signal is definitely strong enough, not to mention the problematic ceiling light is just couple of meters from the router, in the same room.

Same problem with my ceiling lights. They go offline and need a power reset to take them live again. One of these stays over the router, so there is no signal strength problem. The router is a new Xiaomi IOT router with less 20 devices connected that work fine, so no problem with the number of devices.