Unable to setup - Device rename too long.

Stuck at this stage of the setup. How is 1 single character too long for a name?

Same problem, says name entered is too long. Please provide solution to this critical issue.

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What’s the lamp type? And have you tried the latest app from App Store?

I’m having the same error. I can’t connect the device to the app because of this. The device is “Mi Smart LED Bulb Essential”.
Yes, I have the latest update on iOS.
Please, fix this.

Same problem, please fix it. In my case it’s a Mi Smart LED Bulb Essential (white and color)

Same problem for the same device. On MI Home works correctly but on yeelight app is not works (I test it on IOS and Android)

Same problem for me on Yeelight app, using IOS with Mi Smart LED bulb (warm white), these seem to be newer. My older bulbs are working fine. I can rename when installing on Xiaomi Home app but the bulb does not appear in the list anywhere. Please fix this.

Any news?


Mi Smart LED Bulb Essential is Mi brand product and not supported by Yeelight app, please use Mi Home app.
We will consider to add a friendly tips in the app.

I have already tried the Xiaomi Home app as per my comment and this also does not seem to work. What bulb should I select as I do not see Mi Smart LED bulb in the list.

Mi Home app, right? could you send me a screen video

Hello, I have the same issue when trying to set up ‘Mi Smart LED Bulb Essential’ in the Mi Home App in Chinese server. I’m attaching a video. Please help.
Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KfhcpiOLCkg

Mi Smart LED Bulb Essential is a oversea product, and it’s not supported in the mainland server, so please select the server in the corresponding region to use.

Tried all servers but it did not help.
Any idea how to add the bulb to this app?

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Same problem

Same problem here!!!

So we can’t use this modèle with Yeelight application ? By the way i can’t register on MiHome application

Hi Guy’s
Same issue, Device rename too Long.
I tied, I try many time. IOS and Android.
Change password wifi, change encryption WPA/WPA2, change Chanel, of my router.
I try with MI home and Yeelight application.
I buy another Yeelight gray color, it’s work immediately!
but I have 8 Yeelight MJDPYL01YL, I need solution please.