Yeelight ylxd50yl glowing LEDs

Hi. I have this lamp but noticed when I turn it off via yeelight app, some diodes still lightly glow. So apparently there is still some current going through device. I would need to know if this is a device problem and it should be replaced for safety reasons. Thank you!

Hi there,

I have the exactly same issue. Some diodes remain lightly glowing when turned off via remote or smart switch. It seems it’s also on the same side of the light. Also my light makes a slightly humming noise when turned on but you can notice it really when it’s absolutely silent, like during late night.

Could someone from Yeelight stuff confirm if there is a safety issue with some diodes remain glowing when turned off? it’s very important I think, not mentioning the unnecessary energy consumption.

Thank you

I have the same problem… Please can someone help us solving this?
Many thanks

I was told that it is caused by very sensitive LEDs and some weak residual electric field which is still present in the device when you switch it off only with remote control. Should not be a problem and consumption is negiligible.