Yeelight Crystal Pendant (Meteorite) minimal brightness way too high

Hello everybody,

I’ve got this beautiful lamp and set it up in my living room. Everything works so far and looks great, I have just one problem: The minimal brightness setting for the main light is way too high for me.
Using the mood light instead isn’t an option as I need direct light, just darker than the minimal setting allows.
Is there any way to turn the main light further down?

I have another Yeelight lamp that has a so called Moon Mode, which I love and would be really cool to have on the Meteorite. Sometimes you just need a little light a touch of light and I think that should technically work with all LED based lamps.


The crystal pendent doesn’t have moonlight mode. Moonlight mode in other ceiling lights uses a separate set of LED chips because of the limited dimming range of LED in general. The main LED needs to be bright so their minimum brightness will be bright also. The crystal pendent doesn’t have them and so cannot be dimmed further. You will not get this feature with software.

That’s a bummer, but thanks for explaining.
I thought LEDs could easily be dimmed down or it would be possible to just use the half of the LEDs for the main light or something like that.