Colore bulb new didnt see in google home and xiaomi app

Hi i have a problem, cant connect two bulb new one and old in xiaomi app and google home app, i tried synx all devicese and several times try to connect everything but two bulb see only yeelight app

In Mi home, Did you create two Homes? Did the two lights go into different Home? Please check it.

Nope i have one house

but before i use differen server in germany and now delete it and all devices , how i can connect the old bulb to russian server again?

its very strange when i connect google home with yeelight account where i see all two lamps, they connect only with one lamp in living room, in mi app they see two devices but i can control only lamp on kitchen, but when i connect xiaomi mi with google home app they show 2 lamp and i can use it from there. Why its so strange?