Yeelight ledstrip Controller teardown

Hello everyone!

It’s nice to be part of what seems to be a big and important family!

I need to pass one part of the first generation of yeelight RGB ledstrip through a small hole in order to make it all tidy and good looking.

However, the actual ledstrip is too thick and the other side has a bulky power adapter.

So I was thinking of teardown the Controller, pass the cable through the hole and then connect it back.

What do you think guys?

Thanks a lot!

Why not? Just be careful

It is not easy to open though.
So I was thinking of cutting the wire and them solder it back.
Do you know if the wire can be soldered and still work fine?

Has anyone done it before?

I think it’s much easier to deal with the wires only. If I were you I’d just cut and then splice the wires.

I imagine there are multiple wires in each of the white cable so splicing each one correctly is key I guess.

Sounds like a solid idea!
I will do that in the evening, I will take some photos and I will let you know the results for future reference!