Bulb has lost is brightness

One of my bulbs has lost its brightness and does not match the brightness of my other three bulbs. The bulbs are all set at the same brightness yet he one has to be turned up beyond that to reach the same level of brightness as the others. Please advise.

I’m also having a similar issue. I have this scene that sets all lights to 25%. It worked fine for a couple of weeks and now one light is significantly dimmer than the rest. In fact it is pure red.

I’m also having another light that starts to show a red tint at powering on.

I have exactly the same issue. I have 2 bulbs and one of them is by far behaving with lower brightness than the other in any shade of color. It even doesn’t reflect the colors correctly.
Please fix it.

Now, all 8 of my color 1s bulbs are having this problem. It looks like either a general defect or a firmware bug. Please do something about it.