Cannot find "Set default light"

I just mounted my MI LED Ceiling Light . I would like to configure a personalized “Set default light”, so that a certain set of light parameters are recovered after switching off/on the light using the physical wall switch.

Under the “Default State” menu, I can only see “Auto on upon power resumption”. I am using the lastest Yeelight App version on Android and firmware.

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Do you use an Android phone or an Apple phone? And what’s the model of your light You can check it in the device information in Yeelight app.

Forgot to mention those: Android (Yeelight Version 3.2.42) and yeelink.light.ceiling5 (Firmware 1.5.9_0022).

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Additionally, I have been trying to use telnet to send the following command {"id":1,"method":"set_default","params":[]} and nothing seems to happen. The current configured light settings are not saved in persistent memory, despite receiving the success message {"id":1, "result":["ok"]}

It seems there was just now a firmware update to version 2.0.2_0025.

Now this {“id”:1,“method”:“set_default”,“params”:[]} results in {“id”:1,“error”:{“code”:-5006,“message”:“illegal request”}} :frowning:

Hi, I checked the features. “Default State” of Mi Ceiling light is not support “Set default light” feature. Because it conflict with “Wall Switch” in Mi Home App. If you want to set default light. Please use “Wall Switch” feature in Mi home app.

Open Mi Home -> Ceiling5 control page -> Function -> Wall Switch

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Ah, great, Thank you very much! I didn’t notice it. It is a nice feature. However, it only partially solves my problem.

In “Wall Switch” it seems I can configure three 3 states, but I just want one state to be activated when I turn the switch on. Is there any way to delete two of them? One trivial solution would be to configure all of those three with the same parameters, but one of them is a Night Light.

It should be possible to add and remove states within the “Wall Switch” feature because I always want the same state when I turn on the light.

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Turn off the lights for more than ten seconds. When opened, it is the first state. This should meet your needs. When you want to change the light, you can turn the light on and off quickly.

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Ok perfect. Now I undertand how the light sequence works. It will only change the light if you switch on/off quickly. Understood!! It works for me.

Still, I think that all the three settings should be editable, i.e., night light should not be enforced. More, it is a challenge to set exactly the same values of brightness/color temp across the different settings using the scroll bar. It should be possible to introduce values directly by hand.

Nevertheless, as it is now, works for what I want.

Many thanks!

As far as I know. This lamp is currently unable to do so. Although it is not perfect, it can satisfy most scenes (personal thoughts). At the same time, I think you are right. I will give feedback to the developers.

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@_guofeng Thank you very much!

By the way, is it possible to get the wifi light inter-operation specification for the MI LED Ceiling lights? Or is the same as the Yeelights?

Sorry, I can’t get your point clearly. Can you describe it again?

Sorry for my imprecision. I mean something like this but for the MI LEDs, or do they share exactly the same specifications?

Hi, we are on vacation. When We go to work, I will confirm it.

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Thank you very much. Please, fully enjoy your vacation! You guys deserve it.

You need to turn the LAN Control on in Yeelight app first(Only Yeelight app supported Lan Control feature). Ceiling5 is supported in Yeelight app. But in the future, the new Mijia products will not be supported by Yeelight App.

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