Yeelight JIAOYUE YLXD04YL 450 not pairing with Mi Home App, only with Yeelight App

Dear all,

I bought a wonderful Yeelight JIAOYUE YLXD04YL 450 LED, but I can only pair it with the Yeelight App. It does not appear or is detected by the Mi Home App.

Is there a solution? Or it simply does not work with european servers?

You are on wrong server then, because once you add it to Yeelight, it should be there in MiHome automatically.

Hi dalanik, I’ve tried with the european server and the chinese server and none of them made it better for conecting the lamp to MiHome.
I manage to add it to the Yeelight app but not to MiHome, as I’d need in order to automate the lamps behavior.

That is strange. IMHO it is either international version or chinese version so it should be visible on at least one server in mi home. Where did you buy it, China?

I have 650 and 480 and it is visible in both YL and Mihome (china server).

It is very strange indeed. Even the connection with Yeelight is kind of weird, as it is not the lamp’s real name that appears, but some kind of code like E1.S2.12.U12

My doubt is wheather it is with defect…OR if it is an old model of Yeelight, from the time before Yeelight came together with Xiaomi, and thus it simply doesn’t have that possibility of connecting to MiHome

I have the same problem. The Yeelight is only visible on the Chinese server, but then my Hub won’t connect because it’s for the European server. Why don’t they add all products to all servers?

company policy. Some products are sold only in some regions… You have to decide if you’re gonna use chinese or european server and then get only products sold in that region. of course, there are much more products on china :slight_smile: the limitation is only in MiHome app, not in Yeelight!