Flash notify settup


First of all, i got an Iphone.

I wanted to set my lightstrips to flash when i receive a phone notification (like an sms, whatsapp message etc), and i tried to click on the Flash notify scene, my lightstrip flashed when i pressed on the Flash Notify scene and then i asked someone to send me a message to test it, but the lightstrips did not flash. Any fixes?

Flash notify is just i mode to trigger with an app like tasker. You can create a rule in tasker to use flash notify when receiving something.

Ok, but the issue here is that Tasker does not work with iOS as far as i understand. Neither does IFTTT because there is no iMessage or Whatsapp for it for iOS.

So Any other solutions?

So nothing? No solutions to this?

It’s not possible with iOS. iOS has no public API for notifications.

You can do a workaround where you sign in to all the apps with the same account on an old Android phone and leave it at home.