Yeelight Orchestra On Mi Box S

I’ve downloaded yeelight orchestra on my Mi Box S (From the official Google Play Store), when i tried to connect it to my yeelight colour bulb v2, it said that “This feature is not supported by this TV”. Is there any way to get it to work? (Region : Indonesia).

Or it could only work with a miTV?


Tried it too over here in Germany. Same result. At least it’s recognizing bulb (v1 in my case), as long as it’s not in guest network (same problem as with music mode).

I have the same issue without any information from the Yeelight support

The unique reply is that function is only available at the moment for the Rusia country

I don’t understand this …

Likewise here in the USA. I tried it a couple months back and got the same error.

While I can understand it may not work with general AndroidTV devices from other manufacturers, it would stand to reason that Xiaomi’s own Mi Box (&S) would be supported.

I have two (soon to be four) Yeelights in my living room, and would love to be able to sync them up with my Mi Box S.