Yeelight v2 Color vs White

Hey Guys,

I’m trying to figure out my Living Room light setup and Im struggling a little bit.
I’ve got a lot Yeelight S1 V2 Dimmable and Color bulbs that I can use.

When I use only color bulbs in Living Room and try to set them to match color similar to 2700 kelvins (Color similar to S1 Dimmable) the brightness is really low.
What I’m trying to say is that with 8 S1 color bulbs in the room I can’t get the effect of warm, pleasing, bright light like with 8 S1 Dimmable bulbs?

Am I doing something wrong or is this a characteristic of color vs white bulbs.


Yes I feel you. Although I only have the color bulbs, I have a feeling that the color is off at 2700k. Too yellow/orange-ish? And too dim.

Probably I will need to mix color bulbs with S1 Dimmable. I purchased some Yeelight White Bulbs and will test them as well. Maybe mix of S1 Color with White will work.

Is there a way to set Color bulbs exactly 2700 kelvin?

I’m also curious if there is a way to fix it with firmware update?

It’s possible to set the exactly color temperature in Yeelight app

Yeah, but you can’t set it exactly in kelvins.

When grouped in light group(new) in xiaomi app it shows the exact kelvin when you slide through the color temperature bar.

In the yeelight App you can specify exact kelvin in “custom lighting”

Ok, tested almost all yeelight bulbs from v2 family. Tunable White are ones to go.
Brightness is the same across all temperatures. :+1:

Question to Yeelight Admins, is there a way to fix low brightness in S1 Color Bulbs with firmware? (only cool white is bright enough, if you set temperature to 2700 kelvins it is to dim, almost unusable in day to day life)

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