Yeelight E14 Mesh bulb (YLDP09YL) with Homekit???

Hello All… Is any way, how to connect these bulbs with Homekit via Xiaomi Mesh hub (v3)? I have paired with Mi Home app and with Yeelight app… but in MiHome is Homekit icon dis-activated and in Yeelight app is nothing about link to Homekit. I am using Chin. server (in Europe). Thx for your feedback

Wait for a future update

How were you able to pair the gateway and the mesh bulbs in the Yeelight app? I can’t seem to find the gateway in the Yeelight app. I’d love to get them synced to use with Alexa.

You have to add the gateway in mi home

I have the gateway and mesh bulbs. I just need help to get it to work with the yeelight app same to what the original post said.

I have both the gateway added on MiHome using the China server but my Yeelight is on the Singapore server. The Yeelight app can’t seem to find the gateway even when it’s on pairing mode

The gateway won’t show up in Yeelight. The mesh bulbs will be connected automatically

See above

Connect automatically in yeelight app? I can’t seem to control it and it shows offline on yeelight as it’s looking for a mesh gateway

I see what you mean now as all bulbs showed up in Alexa now but just unresponsive, similar to the yeelight app that shows offline.

In mi home make sure ble mesh gateway is turned on under settings of the Mi Smart Gateway and after a while you can check the devices it has connected to. What do you mean by Yeelight is on Singapore server? Yeelight is region free and uses the Xiaomi account to log in.

Yup I can go to settings and under BLE gateway I see the mesh bulbs. So I can control the bulbs via the Mi Home app properly. While in the Yeelight App, I still see them but They’re offline. With this gateway, are they able to be controlled via the yeelight app or no? I also attached the screenshot in yeelight where you can pick the server

I see. i recommend using Mainland China server on Yeelight. It works for me

After you switch server it will work. All BLE mesh gateways work

When I switch servers, all devices synced is missing ( two yeelight WiFi bulbs and mi bed light). Anyway let me try. Are you saying once you switched to China server on yeelight you were able to control the mesh lights via yeelight app and therefore amazon can see it

Yes I have both apps on Chinese server and all lights work on both apps