Google Home Integration - Issues, Solutions and Feedbacks

Hi there,

So, after months of waiting, we finally get the integration between Google Home and Yeelight Bulbs, then there’s no need to ask for when this will happen anymore. Instead, I open this thread in order for us to discuss Issues and Solution as well as Feedback and Tutorial. Let’s begin.

First, to integrate Yeelights with Google Home you need:

  • Yeelight Bulbs, of course.
  • Google Home device, the smart assistant speaker. Setting it up is easy, I won’t mention it here.
  • Yeelight app or Mi Home app
  • Google Home app.
  • All these apps are available on Play Store for Android. Not sure about Apple Store.
    then you’re good to go.

Second, install all of your Bulbs using Mi Home or Yeelight App (I will talk about this later why you have to install them all). Making sure that your Mi account is on Singapore Server (Locale). Put names to bulbs if you want/need to.

Third, head to Google Home app, under Settings section, choose Home Control and Click on Yeelight Actions, follow the instruction on screen to link your Mi Account to Google Home. Wait a few minutes for Google Home to discover your bulbs and assign Rooms to your Bulbs.


Commands that work and tested: (to be updated)

  • Turn on/off (Toggle) [Room Name]/[Yeelight nickname/name]
  • Dim [Room Name]/[Yeelight nickname/name]
  • Brighten [Room Name]/[Yeelight nickname/name]
  • Change [Room Name]/[Yeelight nickname/name] to [Color of your choice]
  • Turn on [Scene name] or Activate [Scene name] =>> not working for me. Google Home gets the command but the lights were never change.
  • Is [Room name]/[Light name] on/off? >> Google Home will let you know.

Issues: (to be updated)

  • You have to install all of your bulbs before link with Google Home app because if you don’t you have to unlink and link again whenever you install new bulbs, Google Home won’t, currently, be able to discover new bulbs after you’d linked your Mi Account.
    For ex: you install 2 bulbs and link account, then you install another 2 bulbs, Google Home won’t see the 2 new ones, you’ll be stuck with the first 2 bulbs only.
  • Google Home will see Scenes (create in Scenes Management in Yeelight App) as Devices and you won’t be able to apply Scenes to your bulbs nor control the Scenes. => Edit: It’s working now.
  • According to mokchuzhen the lights don’t turn on/off simultaneously with many bulbs in a Room.


  • So far, those mentioned above commands work great, the respond time is quick and precise but it still depends on your accents.

…To be continued and every comments are appreciated.


@djinnmoto Thanks for your update.


  1. Yes, you need to link account again to refresh your device and scene list. Kind of inconvenient and unreasonable. I will consult with google support.

  2. We have just tested Scene, it works fine. Please double check.

On what commands to apply Scenes to Rooms and Lights?

“Turn on [Scene name]” or “Activate [Scene name]”

Good job and thumbs up for Yeelight developer.
From IFTTT to Google Home, I really enjoy using your products.
Can’t wait for the Yeelight app 3.0 and new bulbs/lightstrip.

I have tried to voice control the lights as a group or individually:

  1. Turn on LIGHT 1 --> works fine
  2. Turn on Bedroom lights
  3. Turn on all the lights

For 2. & 3., not all the lights will be turned on simultaneously.
I don’t know why but this is quite inconsistent.

BTW, can you show us how to trigger the SCENE in more details?

As far as I learn that Scenes can be applied to any Rooms or any Lights, correct? If yes, how to apply Specific Scene to Specific Lights/Rooms?

In Yeelight -> Scene Management, you can create scene, which is a bundle of status of couple devices. For example, you can create a scene named Movie, which could turn off your ceiling lamp, and turn on your lightstrip.

All the scenes you created could be retrieved by Google Home.

Ok, I see, will edit my post. Thanks for the clarification.

Thank you very much for your feedback, we will optimize the code, so that all lights open at the same time, please look forward to!

I don’t know how many lights that cause the delay of not turning on/off simultaneously but I’m testing 2, worked fine.

We will optimize the performance with batch rpc interface.

And the synchronization between Google Home app and Yeelight app, everytime you change anything on Yeelight, it wont synchronize with Google Home, this is a huge issue.

I will talk to google for that issue.

And I cannot get the Scene to work, Google gets my command but the Scenes were never applied.

I just got response from google actions, they will work out refresh mechanism.

Try to apply your scene in Yeelight app, if it works in Yeelight, there is no reason to fail via google actions. Let me know!

Yes, yeelight app works fine but google home gets my command, saying that it’s activating the scene but the color was never changed, really dun know why.

We will try again in our lab. Do you have skype account? Maybe we can talk and debug that issue.

Yes, you can search for Djinn Moto or djinn.zen

Hello Ladies and Gents, I am having a very annoying issue with adding my Yeelight (Color) to Google Home as a device in the android version (S8). I have tried to solve this issue with Google’s Home App support but the couldn’t solve the problem. I think this issue is pretty unique because i have not seen any mentions in any forums or such.
My Yeelight is already linked to my Mi Account so there is no problem there, i can control my Yeelight from the Yeelight App and Mi Home App without any problems.
So here are the steps and what happens when i try to add my YEElight as a device in the Google Home App;

  1. I press the PLUS sign and select “Yeelight Actions”
    2.Then i am asked to sign in to my Mi Account and i do, then it asks me to confirm the 2 permissions; Mi Account info and Mi Home Services. I approve these permissions by clicking on the blue button.
  2. Then it takes me back to the Google Home App with a notification saying: “Linking your Yeelight Actions Account”, after the notification fades away, for a short while i see the “Assign Room” page with an empty list, then it autamatically takes me to the “Devices” page and on the bottom a notification saying “Succsssfully linked Yeelight Actions Account”
  3. When I look at the list of devices, i can not see my Yeelight therefore can not control it thru Google Home App. Tried many times by uninstalling Google Home App and reinstalling it with no success.

Thanks in advance for any support.