About minimum brightness

Hello, I just bought two Yeelight LED Bulbs Model YLDP06YL. One for my studio and one for my bed lamp, which as was hotly debated last year, turned out to be too bright for this goal when set to its lowest configuration. I did search to find what was the state on this matter but could not find a definite answer. The closest I could find is this reply 1% still too bright, which mentions a previous version of the bulb.
If i’m not mistaken what i have is the second version of color bulbs, which is supposed to be solved.
I prioritize being able to dim it all the way down without color precision. I’m a developer, so i can find my way if there is a patch I can apply to be able to do it, Can you unlock the bulb with a code like Motorola does with its phones? It would be appreciated as I like the product in general, but it is expected for any light with dimming capabilities to get it to a barely noticeable lightness