MI Bedside Lamp (MJCTD01YL) - can't connect WiFi (Mikrotik)

Good day!
I buy this lamp in 2019, using google problem with mi account resolved and all work fine!
But… I need change my WiFi SSID, and i make reset to defaults.
after this - a can’t reconnect lamp to my WiFi.

If i make WiFi from another smatrphone - i can connect and lamp work.
If WiFi from home router (whith same parameters SSID and password) - nothing work.

After reset i see AP named like “yeelink-light-***"

I try make WiFi “name: miio_default, password: 0x82562647, encryption method: WPA2 PSK” on smartfone - lamp connect.
On router - nothing.

My router - Mikrotik RB951
Can You help make correct WiFi setting, please
Current settings:

no ideas?

Use only tkip for Group Encryption option