All Yeelights offline

For some reason today, all my lights went offline. I woke up and noticed there were 3 or 4 offline, so I power cycled them, and none of them came back online. I deleted one of them, and then I tried to re-add it, it finds the light but as it’s adding it, it says connection timed out.

I looked on here and tried changing the DNS on my router to, I also tried a Chinese DNS which is as I saw it resolved someone else’s issue, but neither of these have fixed my problem. I still am unable to control my existing lights and I can not add any new ones. My internet works fine without any connectivity issues. What else can I try?

I’m on Android with a TP-Link router. It’s almost as iff all the Yeelight servers went down maybe? I tried a different server as well and was still not able to add lights. This is unfortunate because I own 13 lights.