Yeelight 650 and MI Home app android


I am trying to add my yeelight 650 ceiling light to mi home app. I have been using it all this time with yeelight app but now that I got other smart devices I want to have everything together in an app.

For some reason I cannot find the device neither on the listed devices, nor when I search.

Any help?


You don’t add anything, it is simply there if you see it in Yeelight app. You just must be on the same server, that is CHINA. If you’re on other server you won’t see it in MiHome, since xiaomi is region dependent and yeelight is not.

Thanks for your reply.
I have my light set to European server Germany (Frankfurt) in yeelight app. So that means that I will not be able to find it in the mi home app, unless I change server and set it to China?

I remember that in the past it was not easy to change server if you had the device registered in one server, is this true now?

Yes, it won’t find it. Yeelight doesn’t have region lock but MiHome does.

It is not a problem to add it to different server.

So how do I change server in the light? I know that whenever I log out and log in I have to choose the server, but I suppose that the server of the light has to be changed somewhere else?

No, when you’re logging on you select the server, add lights again.

I tried it yesterday but no luck. Changed server to mainland China, registered again the light, then went to mi home app but it did not find the light.