Yeelight Smart LED Bulb 1S (YLDP13YL) don't work with Mi Home App

Hey Guys,

I’ve purchased couple of Yeelight Smart Led Bulb 1S and I can’t add them to MI Home APP or Yeelight App, the only wy is t add them to HomeKit and after that laps are imported to Yeelight App.

But main problem is that I can’t add them to Mi Home App and can’t make automations. I’m on European server.

Are you familiar with any solutions?

bulbs are probably for chinese market and you can only see them in yeelight on european server. add them to chines server and you will see them in both apps.

Hey, added the bulb on Chinese server in Yeelight App, and can’t see the bulb in Mi Home on European Server. It is only showing up on Chinese Server in Mi Home App.

But this is not a solution for me, because I have Control Hub for European Market which can’t work on Chinese server. :confused:

Well of course you don’t see it, because it is on DIFFERENT server. You obviously have bulb for CHINESE market. So you can see it only on CHINESE server.

Well, you should have thought about that prior to buying international version. You can’t mix china/international devices in MiHome.

Sure, I know that. Thats when I asked retailer assured me that these are Yeelight for European Market.
Model YLDP133EU, that’s why I’m so confused.

Check the screen, is it a scam?

From what you’re saying it seems they’re for China market. Maybe theretailer thought they work with Yelight app (since Yelight app doesn’t enforce region lock)?

Yeelight bulb color 1s have plans to integrate into mihome’s european server ?? I have the same problem, and yet there are similar models of yeelight bulb color 10w and it works, it would not be difficult to copy the same parameters …
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