Bedside Lamp D2 (YLCT01YL) support samgsung smartthings?

I want to ask about LED bedside lamp D2 (YLCT01YL)

I’m considering buying a bedside lamp D2.
The official website - - says it supports four types of voice control: Apple HomeKit, Alexa, Google Assistant, and Samsung Smartthings.
However, most of the sales shops’ websites say they only support Apple HomeKit and Mijia.
I don’t know what’s right
I would like to ask if I can control LED lamp(YLCT01YL) by my voice with Samsung Smartthings
I will wait for your reply
Thank you.

What do you mean? Smartthings doesn’t have its own voice assistant. Are you talking about Bixby?

I’m sorry for the lack of explanation.
It’s Bixby, just like you said.

As far as I know, Samsung Galaxy smartphone can use Smartthings application and control voice with Bixby.

So, I guess, once registered with Smartthings, the lamp can be controlled by Bixby.

However, I asked a question because there was no talk about smartthings in the retail shop.

I just want to know Lamp support smarthings.