Yeelight goes offline

my led bulb color going offline and i can’t open it when i’m switching on and off switch nothing happening. i can open it waiting a few times and replace to seat, and i can use it from app normally but after few times going dark and i can’t open it from anywhere… waiting more times and replacing led to the seat and opening if o switch off phsyclly againg it is going dark…

and i can’t reset led, if i switch to off it is going offline and never opening again

nice no one helping and responding me, i contacted with everywhere very well yeelight team… i appreciate you guys. i will never buy and use xiaomi products and if there is a person which reading this i suggest you dont buy any product of them trust me, they and their products are like a garbage.
i could use my led bulb just 1 week or not.

even it is not opening with physically turning on and off… i will smash it

Could be a faulty unit. Have you contacted the seller?

they are not taking back product cause i opened the box… I contacted with Xiaomi and they didn’t do anythink even they didn’t help me about this. 5 minutes ago i smashed it and i never will buy xiaomi products good byee

Stick with the classic lights… :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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