noncompliant hostnames, how to change?

Been using yeelights for a few days now and they generally work very well. However, one issue I’ve came across is, when yeelights connect to my network and ask for an IP address, they provide the unique hostname for each light in the format of “yeelink-light-color4_miFFFF” or “yeelink-light-mono5_miFFFF”. The problem is, this violates RFC952, which states:

A “name” (Net, Host, Gateway, or Domain name) is a text string up
to 24 characters drawn from the alphabet (A-Z), digits (0-9), minus
sign (-), and period (.).

That is, the underscores preceding “mi” are not allowed, and by formatting hostnames in such a way, my DNS logs are being filled with errors. I have temporarily configured my DNS to allow for these, but would prefer not to leave ti this way. Is there any way to change the hostnames of the bulbs? Any chance you guys plan to correct this issue?